Fina vita dukar

2016-03-03 16.08.12

“Fina vita dukar” coloured and printed with rust, tea, red wine and more. After that I made some embroidery and added some pearls.



I printed some scarves with indigo the other day and looking at the cloth I thought it looked very much like the midnight sky…Why not make some  backgrounds for a series of pictures with the Zodiac signs? Said and done, here is the first one out, The Capricorn! I think maps are intriguing and this too is a sort of map.


2015-10-18 14.35.33

Denna sidensjal, vikt och pressad mellan burklock och sen nedsänkt i ett bad med ekollon, har nu fått vandra ner till Konsthantverkarna i Ystad, i Jens Jacobsens hus, för att förenas med 17 andra sjalar som jag har till försäljning där.